Radiant heating systems
    ETASTAR - Turbo 150
    ETASTAR - Turbo 200
  Steel works
    Steel works

 Storage tanks

  Available in a range of sizes up to la 300 l, the solar tanks may be: with double jacket heat exchanger or spiral heat exchanger. All solar tanks are equipped with electric heating element and are protected with enamel coating. They can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

   1. External coating
   2. Insulation
   3. Storage tank
   4. Enamel coating
   5. Electric element
   6. Sacrificial anode
   7. Thermostat
   8. Spiral heat exchanger
   9. Cold water inlet
  10. Hot water to user
  11. Heat exchanger inlet
  12. Heat exchanger outlet
  13. Auxiliary heating outlet
  14. Auxiliary heating inlet

 Connecting kit:
  Includes all the required accessories for installation (check valve, safety valve, pipes and joints, etc.).
 Modular steel stand:
  Made of galvanized painted steel to ensure high durability in harsh conditions, the stands and racks are suitable for flat or inclined roof installations. On a flat roof the storage tank is placed safely on steel the stand. With inclined roofs the collector is placed on the tiles and the storage tank under the roof.
  The systems are closed loop and prevent freezing and scale builup inside the collector tubes. The anti-freeze solution flows through the heat exchanger and returns to the collector. The electric backup makes up for the energy deficit during periods of cloudy weather. The water heated in the collector is pumped to the heat exchanger from the tank, then returns to the collector. So, the water coming from the storage tank is hot and may be used by consumers.
 Estimating your needs:
  Depending on specific reuirements and local climate conditions we can supply the right solar system to meet your hot water needs. See the versions below: