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    ETASTAR - Turbo 150
    ETASTAR - Turbo 200
  Steel works
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 Potable water treatment equipments

  GRUP ROMET is an acknowledged supplier of potable water products and solutions for:
   - residential applications (apartments, villas, holiday houses);
   - industrial applications (food, chemistry, machine constructions, pharmacy, textiles, etc.);
   - applications in tourism and agro-tourism (hotels, boarding houses, leisure parks).
    All products are approved by the Ministry of Transports, Constructions and Tourism – Permanent Technical Council for Constructions.

 AQUATOR© filters follow the filtration technology based on block filter elements made of active carbon and silver. These are able to filter mechanical suspensions (sand, dust and other dirt) over 0.5 µ, to reduce the concentration of chlorine, iron and heavy metals, phenol compounds. They can also filter and destroy micro-organisms contained in water.
1. Automatic sand filters;
2. Automatic active carbon filters;
3. Active carbon filters;
4. Nitrate removers;
5. Automatic iron removing filters;
  The experience of GRUP ROMET - AZUD in the field of mechanical filtration of water, oriented to a large range of products and services, allow us to provide our customers with optimum solutions.
  Dosing pumps used in multiple applications where accurate dosing of a solution is needed at a certain flow rate between 1 l/h and 50 l/h, at various pressures
  Water treatment compact units (SCT) designed to treat water from natural sources, with max 500 mg/l content of suspended matter, in order to make water potable and supply it to small communities (hotels, holiday villages, residential areas, industry).
  Following NATO standards, GRUP ROMET has developed, tested and homologated its portable units designed to provide potable water in calamity stricken and conflict areas, being the only acknowledged supplier of the Romanian Ministry of Defense and the Civil Defense.