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 Duplex pump

   Mobile unit for dirty water - sand and solid matter
  in suspension, with max. diameter of 25 mm.
  Designed for daily operation in:
  - maintenance and repairs of water and sewage
  - construction sites;
  - boxes and channels for cables;
  - district heating, drains, irrigations, etc.
  The operation principle is simple and base on the depression created in the pump body, which allows water suction by opening the ball valve placed on the inlet circuit, while closing the valve on the outlet line at the same time.
  The two membranes of the pump work alternately, thus allowing an almost linear operation at a constant flow rate. Pump starting is done manually, simply and safely.
  - max. flow rate: 50 m / h.
  - pumping head: max. 15 m.
  - suction height: up to 9.5 m.
  - impurity size: up to 25 mm.
  - engine: Diesel 5,4 CP or gasoline 5,5 CP.
  - consumption: Diesel-oil 1.0 l/h or gasoline 1.2 l/h.
  - in-out connections: ? 100 mm (4”).
  - sizes L x l x h: 2600 x 1200 x 1180 mm.
  - net weight: 480 kg